I have been doing some counseling work to get ready for the surgery. I have been using some Gestalt work Setting an Intention: I have been working with how I will be after the surgery. I am putting my belief and a vision of that belief out daily. The belief statement I came up with […]


As far a exercise, I am taking advantage of the PREP program at the local health club ACAC. I get 60 days to workout for $60 pre surgery. This is great for me because I have let myself get out of shape and let my blood cortisol levels get a little high. These get high […]

Structural Integration

Since I am a Structural Integrator and that is what I do for a living, it would make sense that I use this pre surgery which I have. It is one of the reasons that I feel I need surgery. I can get fantastic changes but they don’t stay with me. It is like my […]

Pre-surgery diet

As far as diets go, my main belief is that the less processing it has the better. The closer it comes to how it was produced, the better. Try not to eat anything that has ingredients that are hard to pronounce, food colors, preservatives, or the dreaded “natural flavorings”.   There are a couple of […]

Back Creek behind our house, Before pictures

Here is the satellite view of our property. Notice that Back Creek has a horse shoe curve that cuts into the bank at the edge of our property. Here is the steep bank that we hope to stabilize. The floods from the hurricane brought us two big oak trees that settled in at the curve. […]

Understanding the Surgery

I have this belief that our subconscious is very powerful. Think about it… the subconscious brain processes millions of bits of information every second. I coordinates heart rate, blood pressure, any thing we do without conscious thought. In order for me to prepare my body for what is going to happen to it, I needed […]

What to have ready near the surgery date.

Prescriptions from Surgeon Homeopathic Arnica, Hypericum, Phosphorus, Ruta Graveolens, Graphites, Silicia Bach Rescue Remedy Liposomal Vitamin C Meditation time for MAP House prepared for returning home Meals prepared for returning home. Cooking ahead of time  

Why would I want Knee Arthroplasty?

I have various reasons for getting my knee repaired. I feel it is important to get them all down in one place so I can see my reasons and goals in one place.   I can’t walk without pain. I organize my life around how I can utilize the least amount of walking to get […]

Ancient History of My Knee

I trained with Roger Woolger in a process he called Deep Memory Process. Roger wrote the book “Other Lives Other Selves: A Jungian Pyschotherapist Discovers Past Lives”. We learned how to do regressions in order to resolve complexes in this life. One of the recurring issues for me was lifetimes of injuries to my Right […]

History of my knee

As in any story, a little background information helps bring one up to what is going on in the present. Since I have decided on a knee replacement, the trauma story of my knee is relevant.  Here is some of that history. Public School Years I was a springboard diver starting at age 8 and […]