My Knee Surgery

So I’ve decided upon Knee Arthroplasty – Knee replacement surgery

I was tired of limping around and being in pain. I did as much as I could to avoid surgery after many years I decided that I shouldn’t put it off much longer

As you can see from the x-ray my knee joint looked crooked and completely worn out on one side.

xray of my knee
Scott’s knee before surgery showing misalignment and joint wear.
I wanted to share what I did pre and post surgery. I will include many diverse, alternative, and mainstream viewpoints.My goal was to become knowledgable about the process of the surgery itself.  That is what happens during the surgery and the healing process afterwards.Preparing for surgery, sometimes called “Prehabilitation” is gaining in importance within the medical community. I wanted to look at as many ways as possible to prepare for the surgery. I wanted to be a prepared as possible.I also want to heal quickly. I looked at what I could do the speed my healing and get back to my normal life.
Some advantages I had:
Knee Post Surgery
This is how my knee looked post surgery. Much straighter!
  • Luckily for me, I am an alternative health educator. I have a MS in Physical Education and am a Board Certified Structural Integrator. My BA in Philosophy also guides me look at things in different ways.
  • Additionally, Molly Gauthier’s education in nutritional therapy, herbalism, and astrology helped me in many ways. And her care, knowledge, and love facilitated my speedy recovery.
  • I also am connected to the remarkable healing community that we have here in
  • Charlottesville Virginia. I personally know many of the excellent practitioners in the area. And, of course, they also know someone who knows someone else. This is an advantage to a progressive small town and being in the same field for 28 years.
Below are links to various posts. They cover what I did. I hope they are helpful for you. I am not asking that you believe in all the things I believe in. For instance, working with past lives may be a little over the edge for some of you. But other things such as diet and exercise shouldn’t be too controversial.If this list of items can help you look at your situation in a different, and more positive way then great. If they just amuse you than that is fine also.

Why have surgery?

Some have called surgery “Controlled Trauma.” So why would someone elect to do such a thing? I mean they use knives, saws, hammers, and screws. Without the vast knowledge of anesthesia, modern surgery would be impossible.Trust me, I didn’t want to go through surgery I tried everything I could think of to avoid “the knife”.So how would one choose surgery? I looked at where I was at in my life and what I enjoyed and found meaning in. In my current state, I wasn’t able to enjoy them.Stating my goals and desires for the rest of my life enabled me to get clear that surgery was the best option for me. Once I realized this, getting the surgery became obvious.

Who is doing the surgery?

Whoever you choose to do the surgery should be someone that you feel comfortable with and trust. I would recommend looking around and getting a few opinions. Since some of the clients I work with have had surgeries, I got to know who was happy with whom. I chose my surgeon based on the results I had seen in patients and that feeling I got when I met the doctor. I could sense she had an intensity, and love, of what they do.  My surgeon was Dr. Meagan Swanson MD. I preferred her surgical approach and her commitment to her work.

History of My Knee

I wanted to list the history of the traumas and experiences with my knee that got me to the place I am now.  I feel this reviewing is important. It allowed me to process the past traumas and recognize how I got here.


Prep Work

Getting myself in the best shape before the surgery just made sense. Starting off from the healthiest place possible gives me the best chance of getting through with minimal problems and the fastest recovery.  One wouldn’t run a marathon if one was not prepared.  Surgery is the same. You are asking you body to do some serious healing. You will be asking your body to do major repair and fight off infection. Give it the tools to do it right.Most hospitals and surgical centers have a “joint camp” or other pre surgery group meeting to explain what to do and what to expect with the surgery, and all the practical matters that need to be taken care of at home before and after the surgery. This is a great start, but I believe that this is just the starting point. There is much more you can do.I did some more research on my own. Below is a list of guides and modalities that I took advantage of before and after surgery.I think of them in terms mind/body/spirit. Some were to help my body get to ready for surgery and repair afterwards. Some where to help my mind get ready and recoup afterwards. Some were to help get my spirit ready for the journey.

Here is what I did:

Getting Closer

Setting up a plan so I won’t forget things and have my resources ready.

Day by Day