Why would I want Knee Arthroplasty?

I have various reasons for getting my knee repaired. I feel it is important to get them all down in one place so I can see my reasons and goals in one place.


  • I can’t walk without pain. I organize my life around how I can utilize the least amount of walking to get things done.
  • Walking a mile seems like an overwhelming challenge.
  • I  can’t dance anymore. I loved contra dancing and now that seems undoable.
  • I am restricted in yoga standing poses.
  • I am limited in my standing options at work.
  • I have noticed compensatory spirals up through my body. I have noticed how my left leg dominance has shifted how I use my body. There are aches and pains from these compensations.
  • My fitness level is now low compared to where I want it to be. Ida Rolf once said to imagine what you want to do at 90 years old and start doing it now. I hope to do more then than I can do comfortably now.
  • Blood creatine levels are high. Shows my lack of vigorous exercise.
  • I would like to walk and hike again. I want to do that often.
  • I want to dance again.
  • I want to work without restriction.

Structurally, when you look at the Xray of the knee, the lack of consistent straight lines to transmit force through the knee makes me desire something better.

Picture of Knee with lines of force added