Back Creek behind our house, Before pictures

Here is the satellite view of our property. Notice that Back Creek has a horse shoe curve that cuts into the bank at the edge of our property.

Here is the steep bank that we hope to stabilize. The floods from the hurricane brought us two big oak trees that settled in at the curve. I used the branches that I could get to to make mushroom logs. The trunks and root balls are still in the creek. The water has not gotten down to a point I can do anything with them. As these trees came down the river the bent and broke a small stand of sycamore trees about 4-6 inches in diameter. I cut them off about a foot about the ground and hope that they will resprout this spring.


There is a second tributary that runs into the creek at the curve. We did not see water in it until last year. It has had some eroding after the flood. Part of it is hidden as it runs through a patch of bamboo that has become overgrown.

Here is a panoramic view of the creek from the bank. The oak trees that washed down river are visible against the bank. During the flood the water was just below the top of the bench.

This is a panoramic view looking at the creek from the West.

This is a panoramic view looking from the creek back toward the West.

These pictures are along the bank of the creek.  The Sycamore tree fell during the ice storm. The rocky gravel area was covered with jewel weed, a few multiflora rose, and grasses.

Here is a video walk around: