Structural Integration

Since I am a Structural Integrator and that is what I do for a living, it would make sense that I use this pre surgery which I have. It is one of the reasons that I feel I need surgery. I can get fantastic changes but they don’t stay with me. It is like my body knows what to do but it can’t do it because there isn’t enough of a foundation to hold it to it’s design. So I go back to my compensations which if I do say so myself, are pretty effective compensations and I have gotten a long, long way with them, but I am at my limit right now.

I mean look at this photo. How does one structurally adapt this?

But I do look forward to getting a better foundation and then organizing myself around my vertical line in a much more harmonious way.

And I believe that once I complete surgery my plan will be as follows:

  • Get some scarwork to free up the wounded areas as soon a possible.
  • Using my movement knowledge from the principles of Structural Integration and Structural Awareness that I have learned to adapt the exercises given to me to recreate the awareness of my line
  • Get a three series of Structural Integration after surgery
  • Give some time to adjust and then get some more Structural Integration.