I am seeing clients at 1140 E Market St, Suite 204 on Fridays. This is a couple blocks East of the Downtown Mall.


 I am seeing clients outside at my house or in the sunroom of my house depending on the weather. Both have great ventilation. I love working outside and listening to the flow of the creek through the rapids.

Pictures, maps, weather and other information about Sherando are  located below.

My house is seven miles South of Waynesboro and a few miles from both the Sherando Lake Recreation Area and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Home Visits

I can come to you, especially if I have more than one person. Cost will be dependent on the amount of travel time. All arrangements are made through email, or, phone/text (434)466-5855.

About Sherando

  • Weather can be an issue. Temperature in Sherando is usually about 3 to 7 degrees cooler than Charlottesville. Click here for the weather forecast at my house 
  • As we move into summer, more times are available to work outside.  Best times in July/August are usually are from 9:30 to 11:00am. Although we can work in the sunroom at any time.
  • Last minute scheduling is fine. Currently doing only a few sessions a day.
  • Make sure to read COVID19 Policy
  •  Directions are here.

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