Astrology for Surgery

The following was prepared by Molly Gauthier.  She began her love affair with astrology in 1996. Molly specializes in forecasting, electional astrology, medical astrology, and medical elections– selecting optimal astrological dates for surgery and medical procedures.

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Astrology of a knee surgery

A quick look at Scott’s birth chart shows that he came in with a lot of Capricorn. Capricorn on the ascendant, with Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, also at home in Capricorn. And Capricorn has a special affinity for the knees.

The first house and Ascendant are important in medical astrology. His first house has Mercury, also in Capricorn. Mercury is friendly, busy-busy-busy, and always thinking– in a Capricorn way in this chart. Careful, deliberate. With a tendency to anxiety. Between you and me, Scott can be a bit of a stress junkie.

Scott’s injury, 1979

At the time of Scott’s accident, transit Mars and Mercury were three degrees shy of opposition to Scott’s birth chart Uranus. And transit Uranus was three degrees shy of a square to Scott’s Mars. 

When Mars activates planets in the birth chart, that’s a signal that accidents and injuries are more likely. Mars-Uranus is an especially accident-prone combination. The Mars activity at the time of the injury and in the months to come shows the level of pain and difficulty during the early stages of his recovery.

The transit Sun and Moon were involved in the picture as well and may have behaved as “triggers” for the accident.

The good news: Transformational Pluto was crossing Scott’s North Node, which is a point where “karmic goodies” and growth opportunities enter one’s life. Ultimately this healing journey led Scott to his career in Rolf Structural Integration. 

Transit Pluto also squared Scott’s Mercury at the time of the accident, bringing a total evolution of the way he identified in the world and experienced his surroundings.

The run-up to surgery

Transiting Pluto also activated that Mercury for two years prior to surgery. Mercury is a busy planet, always coming, going, thinking, pondering, worrying. Pluto intensified that stress-junkie pattern and also brought a lot of activity.

Saturn transiting Capricorn further stressed his joints, and especially that poor knee.

Our cross-country move involved three road trips from Colorado to Virginia. Air travel, too. That would challenge anyone physically… and for Scott, the time had finally come for him to admit to himself, the knee really hurts. His work with other practitioners put Humpty Dumpty back together again and again. They kept his knee functioning well for almost 40 years.

It became obvious last Fall that the time had come to think about a knee replacement.

Choosing the surgery date

Let me first say that the most important prep work is to choose the surgeon. Scott and I interviewed 3 surgeons before we found one we felt comfortable with.

I have been helping my clients choose dates for surgery since about 2005. This is my process, in a nutshell:  First, I consider the changing nature of the planets in the sky. They tell me the astrological “weather,” and that gives me a good enough sense of how the surgical workplace will be functioning on that day. If I see a trainwreck in the sky, I cross that date off the list.

A second question I consider is, how compatible is the patient with this date? Ideally, there will be some support for my client’s surgery and recovery.

When it comes to choosing dates for surgery, options are often limited. The surgeon’s schedule is a limiting factor. It’s often the case that there are only a handful of dates to choose from.

biwheel Scott and surgery

Why this date for surgery?

Scott’s surgery date does not check every box for an ideal surgery date. But it has these things going for it:

  • The Moon will be in the sign Cancer. This is as far away as you can get from Capricorn, the sign of the knees. That’s a good thing, as the Moon passing through the sign of a body part makes that body part more vulnerable to trauma and injury.
  • The Sun will be in a supportive aspect to Venus and Chiron. This opens the door for a positive experience on the day of surgery.
  • There are some powerful transits supporting his healing in the coming weeks and months: Uranus will trine his Saturn, opening the door for him to develop new a new structural awareness, and indeed a new structure and symmetry in his system. I’m sure this will be an amazing thing for him, as he has been walking in a lopsided fashion for 40 years! Uranus is groundbreaking: new patterns, new technology, a major change for the positive. Uranus will trine Scott’s Pluto– the planet of karma and healing. The good Uranian energy hangs around through mid-May.

Summer 2019 and beyond: a message for everybody

  • Another message appears in the skies and applies to every one of us this Summer, as Saturn and the Moon’s South Node track backward through Capricorn, and also come close to karmic Pluto. The South Node is where we untie old karmic knots, let go of the old. This can be a painful process, especially where Saturn is involved. We’re being called to let go of negativity, limiting beliefs, structures that aren’t working anymore. It’s a long process. It’s hard work. It goes to the core unconscious beliefs that each of us carries. Ultimately, this work frees up energy for the things in life that you really care about.
  • In Scott’s case, this karmic lineup occurs in his first house. This surgery is going to perhaps resolve some of the woundedness that has shaped his identity, allowing for him to step into a new part of himself– more active, more decisive, feeling more in control and more connected to the people around him (North Node transiting his 7th house in Cancer).