I have been doing some counseling work to get ready for the surgery. I have been using some Gestalt work

Setting an Intention:

I have been working with how I will be after the surgery. I am putting my belief and a vision of that belief out daily. The belief statement I came up with is: ” I feel joyful and free in walking and moving gracefully.”  And the vision is of me gracefully waking up and going downstairs and outside for a walk with Fred Astaire like grace.

Gestalt work

Allowing the various parts of my body to talk with each other in preparation for the surgery. Allowing them to express their fears and hopes about what is coming up.

Allowing the part of me that wants to be healed talk to the part of me that is terrified by the surgery.



To release some of the past traumas in my life to so that they are not restimulated by the new traumas.

To develop a methodology for working with the fears and other emotions that pop up as I head into this.