Deep Memory Process

What is the Deep Memory Process of examining Past Lives?

Deep Memory Process (DMP for short) is a creative therapeutic synthesis of active imagination, hypnotic regression, psychodramatic role play, various body therapies and transpersonal psychologies. Developed by Roger J. Woolger, Ph.D from many years of intensive practice with the methods of Jung, Reich and various shamanic and spiritual traditions, it is a method of past life therapy that roots out past life issues that influence our current situation and resolves them.

How does Deep Memory Process Work?

A trained practitioner of DMP begins by inviting you to explore problems that are holding you back or are repetitive. For example, you may always feel anxiety in crowds or have trouble trusting others. Or you might have fear of separation, repetitive injuries to a certain body part, or a belief that you are not good enough. These may be caused by past life traumas and hold us back from enjoying our current life.

In a safe and caring environment you are guided, if appropriate, to:

  • clearly recognize the core issues or complexes running your life
  • journey in time to resolve childhood traumas and traumas from past or ancestral lives
  • vividly relive and resolve emotional conflicts through a healing psychodrama
  • develop somatic awareness of deep memories to release them from your body
  • let go of old unwanted ancestral patterns and influences
  • integrate wounded soul fragments
  • clear your energy field of negative influences
  • open up with love to higher spiritual resources within yourself

How Long does the Process Last?

A typical DMP session lasts about two hours; this includes fully adequate time for integration and processing. Usually a series of sessions is recommended but occasionally radical changes can occur in only one or two sessions. Deep Memory Process can be used as an exclusive therapy for specific complaints and it also works well in conjunction with other ongoing therapies.

How/Where can we do this?

While it is preferable to do the sessions in person, they are also available online. There are some limitations to online work but the results can still be amazing.

First we need to arrange a free 15 min consultation. Please email me to do so.

In person sessions are hard to do right now in the middle of a pandemic.

Online sessions: To book an online sessions we will need to have a consultation to make sure that the proper setting and time can be arranged.


Call (434) 466-5855, or e-mail


$ 200 for a two hour regression session
Free 15 minute Consultation
$ 100 per hour for online sessions

Schedule Appointment for DMP Session or Consultation

Here are some great videos by one of my teachers, Patricia Walsh, where she explains the Deep Memory Process and how it is used in past life therapy. This is usually done as the first part of the first session. These videos, although long, will help prepare you for a successful journey of discovery.