Ancient History of My Knee

I trained with Roger Woolger in a process he called Deep Memory Process. Roger wrote the book “Other Lives Other Selves: A Jungian Pyschotherapist Discovers Past Lives”. We learned how to do regressions in order to resolve complexes in this life. One of the recurring issues for me was lifetimes of injuries to my Right Knee.


In one of these lifetimes I was a young boy slave in Egypt. In the mornings we would march out to the work site to work for the day. I was a clown and jokester and tried to get people to laugh and enjoy themselves. This was frowned upon by the overseers. Once I was having way too much fun for the overseer and he struck me hard with a baton in my knee.  I could no longer walk and was left there as they marched back for the evening.  I was left there for days as a reminder to the slaves to take work seriously. After I died the placed my body on a pike to warn others.


Circus Family

In another lifetime I was a in a small traveling family circus. We traveled, tumbled and juggled for our livelyhood.  During a move, I injured my lower leg, it had trouble healing, and got gangrene.  My leg was amputated at the knee and eventually I learned to get around on a wooden leg. Through that healing time, I learned to become a very good juggler. Eventually, I could walk and even do some elementary tumbling on my wooden leg. Although the crowds of people watched my juggling, they seemed most amazed by my tumbling on a wooden leg.