Recordings for body awareness and relaxation

Welcome to Earth: Explorations in Body Awareness

This work originates out of a wish that all my clients could have an understanding of the power and wonder of awareness in their daily lives. Body awareness is a skill that we lose when we start living in the fantasy worlds of the past and future. The body exists in the here and now, and if we place our awareness in our bodies, then we are reunited with the present moment.

This recording gives you the tools to focus on your body, an exploration that brings you into the moment of now. Our bodies have so much to tell us, if only we listen. I offer a path for listening, for creating a dialogue with our bodies, for saying hello, and for moving the focus of our awareness through our bodies.

Join your body on this enlightening exploration of life and consciousness.

The three explorations on this recording are best done at separate times. Each exploration is complete in itself. You will need time to rest and integrate after each.

Why I Made this CD

I work with clients doing work called Structural Integration, that changes people’s shape, posture, and movement patterns restoring them to a more natural form and freedom. A critical part of this work is focusing awareness. As I work with new clients, I often ask them to move awareness into different parts of their body. For many this is a new idea.

Clients experience relief and healing through the use of these awareness skills. They also learn that different parts of their bodies may have different feelings, desires and needs. Once these are recognized and expressed, the whole person can then change and heal at an accelerated rate. I put this CD together so that you can get a jump start on your body awareness, healing, and personal growth.

Getting the most out of Massage, Bodywork, Movement, Yoga, and Athletic Performance

Imagine getting a massage when you already know how to relax when you want to. The benefit of the therapist’s work can then go deeper, opening you up to new levels of experience. When a physical therapist, trainer, or movement teacher asks you to move your arm or leg in a new way, you will have the skills to find that part of your body in relationship to the rest of you. Whether doing Alexander, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Hellerwork, Rolfing�, Structural Integration, Golf, Tennis, Dance or Yoga the skills leaned on the CD will allow you to get more for your money and reach your goals faster.

Awareness, Change, and Pain

Awareness itself is the master of change. Bringing awareness into an area of the body activates change. So often when a body area is uncomfortable or aching, we withdraw awareness from the area and unintentionally shut down instead of arousing the body’s curiosity of how to change. By simply being aware of what is, the drama of pain and discomfort disappear.