About Scott Gauthier

Why I do Structural Integration

I became involved in Structural Integration because it changed my life. I used to wake up in the morning sore and aching, after years of overuse from competitive gymnastics. It took me an hour or two to “warm up” to the day. I had a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and was well read in physiology and exercise.  I believed I would always be in this chronic pain.

Then I had my first session of Structural Integration and realized I needed to rethink everything I thought I knew. My body changed in ways that I believed were unchangeable. I no longer ached in the morning. I woke up happy, refreshed and ready to move. My knee pain gradually disappeared. I felt lighter and more joyful. The world was a more positive place.

So I went back to school to learn Structural Integration and how to really help people.

And I offer a guarantee that you will feel changes after your first session or your money back.

More about Scott:

Board Certified Structural Integrator

Past Board Member of the International Association of Structural Integrators

Past Board Member of the Certification Board for Structural Integrators.

Author of articles on Structural Integration

Teacher for the Crestone College of Structural Integration and the Guild for Structural Integration

Certified in Structural Awareness by Dorothy Nolte

Founder of the Church of the Divine Line

Head coach of Gymnastics at James Madison University 1986-1993

Old article from the Cville: https://www.c-ville.com/Get_integrated/ (note the telephone number in the article no longer works)