As far a exercise, I am taking advantage of the PREP program at the local health club ACAC. I get 60 days to workout for $60 pre surgery. This is great for me because I have let myself get out of shape and let my blood cortisol levels get a little high. These get high from lack of vigorous exercise (and in my case too much coffee).

For this program, the set you up with a series of strength exercises on machines, a series of flexibility stretches and some cardiovascular exercise. So I have been basically stationary bicycling for 10 minutes and  doing two sets of strength exercises.

I follow this up with what I call stretching explorations. Exploring the range of motions of my joints in various creative ways. I think it was Ed Maupin who said you can always tell a Rolfer in gym because they are in the corner doing all the weird stuff. Any way, do a session of this creative stretching. Then I go into the pool and tread water for another ten minutes.  I find that this gives me a variety of ways to move and stretch while getting some cardio in.