Understanding the Surgery

I have this belief that our subconscious is very powerful. Think about it… the subconscious brain processes millions of bits of information every second. I coordinates heart rate, blood pressure, any thing we do without conscious thought.

In order for me to prepare my body for what is going to happen to it, I needed to get my subconscious brain on board. I decided that I needed to understand how the surgery is done. I did this because I believe that the subconscious mind is always at work and is always giving the body directions as what to do, how to react.

The two main process of interest to me are the the process of the joint replacement itself and the process and choices of anesthesiology.

The process of the surgery is a fairly straight forward step by step process. I found several videos that described the surgery that I was to undergo.

The first time I watched the video, I felt almost repulsed and anxious. I watched the videos again and again until I felt calm watching them. This indicated to me that subconscious had processed and accepted the information.  I then began to use that information to tell myself, actually telling my individual body parts what to expect during the surgery.

For example, I would tell the skin on the front of my knee that it was going to get cut from here to here. That it would be carefully put back together after the surgery and it would be most helpful for the blood vessels through that area not to bleed much. It would need to heal back together quickly.

Similarly, I told my liver to be prepared to detoxify and process the anesthetic and other drugs I would be given. My lymph system would need to help move fluids out the the surgical area to help prevent swelling and keep the area clean.

So I went through talking to all the tissues that I thought would be effected as to what to expect and what I expected them to do in response to the surgical interventions.

Here are the videos I found helpful. The first one is done in a calmer more mater of fact way and I found it the most helpful:

The following two help fill out the process: