COVID19 Policy

I hope you have been doing well during challenges of these times.

I realize it has been a while since many of you have had bodywork, and you may be feeling it!

I am working again in Charlottesville, using Brian Keena’s office at 1140 E Market St. He has Hepa filters and a good clean space.

I am vaccinated and prefer working with people who are.

I have kept abreast of the recommendations from public health agencies and the latest research on transmission routes for the COVID virus. Here’s what I have learned.

  • Gatherings that take place indoors and in confined spaces appear to be the major contributors to the spread of COVID19., 
  • Viral particles can go airborne and spread through HVAC and ventilation systems.
  • Sunshine appears to kill the virus rather quickly.,
  • Some people who get infected with the COVID-19 virus never have any symptoms. 
  • New strains of the virus may put everything on hold again.

I have set up a beautiful creekside outdoor treatment space on my property near Sherando Lake (a 35 minute drive from Charlottesville) I have also modified my sunroom as a treatment space. It has plenty of ventilation.  I can also come to you if you have an outside deck or similar place to work with plenty of ventilation.

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

  • Wash/sanitize hands before we begin
  • Wear a face mask while we work, even if you don’t have symptoms. 
  • Be healthy, no temperature, nothing unusual in the last few days, body aches can be a reason you come to see me but can also be a symptom of infection. May require intake form and temperature check before session. Please cancel your appointment if you develop a fever or any unusual symptoms, or if you have had symptoms in the last 7 days.

And here’s what I’ll do for you:

  • I will wear a face mask while working.
  • I will wash/sanitize my hands often.
  • Use CDC protocols for cleaning equipment and sheets.


Please let me know of your thoughts or concerns with this plan. It may change as more evidence comes to light. For now with what I can discern, I feel safe offering you these options. I wish you the best of health and look forward to seeing you soon.


Scott Gauthier

(434) 466-5855