COVID19 Policy

I want you to know what the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infection means re: your bodywork appointment. I also want to share with you my understanding about the spread of the virus, in case it helps you.



  • If you or someone you live with have a fever, cold symptoms, or a chest/sinus condition, please text or email me and let me reschedule your appointment. 
  • If I have been exposed in any way to the new virus, I will let you know if it will impact your appointment. I will not knowingly put any client at risk of infection. 
  • I wash my hands to the elbows after I see each client, and sanitize every surface in my office that I or a client touch between sessions. This includes doorknobs, chairs, computer, desk, pencils, EVERYTHING. 
  • When you arrive, please wash your hands before coming to the office.


This virus is novel–this means that NO ONE who has not yet recovered from it has any natural immunity to the virus. Most of us have robust immune systems, and will clear the infection on our own in 10-14 days. But many of us don’t have strong natural immunity: seniors, people with chronic diseases (like diabetes or liver disease), pregnant women, and people taking steroids or chemotherapies. 


This virus is very VIRULENT–meaning it takes a tiny dose of the virus to become infected. That means that eventually EVERYONE will be exposed to it. Though most of us will get mildly sick a while and recover, and some may not show many symptoms at all, people with immune systems that are weakened will likely need medical care in a hospital. 




We are in the middle of a serious flu season that has our hospital Intensive Care Units already working close to the max. The capacity is not there to handle a massive number of patients with the new virus all at once. The best way to make sure that our doctors and nurses and hospitals remain available to those who need them, and able to function well, is to PROTECT EACH OTHER. It is up to us to slow the rate of infection by taking all of the precautions seriously. That means thinking carefully about every visit, every crowd, every restaurant, every trip we make. Wash hands, use thin cotton gloves when you have to touch door handles and touch screens  or restrooms in public, then launder those in hot water. 


This is a great opportunity to educate our kids about how diseases emerge and spread, and how we can do our part to limit the speed of the spread. Children have little to fear from the virus–let’s all agree not to frighten them by our talk and our behavior. let’s just be considerate of the whole community as we teach the kids to do the same. We don’t need to be afraid, we need to be careful. We are strong when we hang together!