Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration with Scott Gauthier MS

I currently am not seeing clients in person.

Join me online until then. I will be offering Structural Awareness work via Zoom meeting. There are both group and private sessions available. All classes and appointments by donation.


Chill Out Now – Guided Relaxation for these troubled times

Small group relaxation and visualizations to do at home. Join by computer or phone. Offered Tuesdays 9pm EST and Thursdays 12pm EST Select Relaxation Class


Structural Awareness Group Sessions

Group session last about an hour. We will work with movements and awareness activities to invite you into a closer relationship with your body and with your posture. Offered Tuesdays 12pm EST and Thursdays 8pm EST

Here is what you will need to participate: 

  • Comfortable clothes to move around in.
  • A floor space that is carpeted or a yoga mat.
  • A computer, phone, or tablet that is placed so that you can occasionally glance at it to see it and enough volume to hear easily as you move. I will also need to see you, if possible.

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Private Sessions – Pain release and relaxation

Private sessions will focus on exactly what you need.

Do you need to relax? We will develop of plan of relaxation skills, meditation, and calming movements.

Are you in pain? We will design specific movements and activities to restore function bring about the healing of problem areas. Book 15, 30 or 50 minute session.

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 Online Sunday Group Meeting 

This group will meet at 11am EDT for an hour that includes meditation, discussion and movement.

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Stand taller with an easy and elegant posture

Who needs Structural Integration?

  • People who have those chronic aches and pains and just want to feel younger.
  • People who have pain that is holding them back.
  • People that want life to be easier and more graceful.
  • People who want to look taller and more aligned.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a process of making a better you. You will discover the relationship between your body and the earth’s gravity field.  You will feel lighter, move easier, and have less pain. It is a systematic approach to releasing patterns of stress in your body. Most of us do not stand in an up and down line from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet. Sometimes our heads are too far forward, or our backs have too much sway. We may stand with most of our weight on one leg. There are many versions of poor posture, often caused by illness, injury, emotional stress, or gravitational forces. The body reacts to the stress of incorrect posture by rebuilding the area with connective tissue/fascia which provides extra support, but, unfortunately, also limits the amount of motion in that area. This is often felt as chronic pain, discomfort, stiffness, or decreased flexibility. Structural Integration works to free up the fascia and organize it in such a way as to alleviate stress in the whole body. The fascia softens, allowing movement and flexibility. Length comes into the body, giving muscles space to work, and joints freedom to function properly. Posture becomes more upright and easier.

Clients often report positive changes in their emotional lives. They may carry less of “a burden on their shoulders”.

Chronic body pain from old injuries, bad posture habits, and emotional trauma, go away. Athletic performance becomes easier. Clients frequently report a renewed comfort with their bodies.

How does it work?

The S.I. journey begins with the Basic Ten Series— ten sessions of approximately one hour each. The sessions build upon each
other as they focus on different parts of the body. Photographs may be taken of your posture to evaluate at the start, and to observe the progress of the sessions. If you have had the ten sessions before, there is no need to repeat them. We can start in with the advanced work.

Then while you lie on the table, the S.I. Practitioner begins the fascial work. Applying pressure to the myofascial tissues, the Practitioner will use his hands, arms, and sometimes his elbow to carefully move the tissue. You are an active participant in the work, being asked to breathe into or move the part of the body being worked.

Because this is an educational process, the S.I. Practitioner will offer you information about anatomy, physiology, and movement. You will become more aware of your body and how you use it. After the 10 sessions, the body will continue to organize for another few months as you naturally learn what to do with the new found freedom.

After receiving the Basic 10 series, many clients elect to continue with advanced work. Advanced work can be done in single sessions or in a series of sessions grouped together to increase the total organization of an individual. The Advanced Five Series was developed by Ida Rolf, Peter Melchior and Emmett Hutchens as a repeatable project to awaken and assist the client in balancing the inside/outside, being/doing aspects of living.

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