My Knee Surgery

So I’ve decided upon Knee Arthroplasty

Knee replacement surgery

Ok…so I’m tired of limping around. I’ve done as much as I can and shouldn’t put it off much longer…

As you can see to the right, my knee joint looks plum wore out on the medial side. When they say bone on bone, I got what they mean.

xray of my knee

This is my attempt at blogging about my experience. I will include many diverse, alternative, and mainstream viewpoints.

My goal is to become knowledgable about the process of the surgery itself but also as many ways as possible to prepare for the surgery. I also want to heal and speed along the recovery.

Luckily for me, I am an alternative health educator. I have my education, as well as Molly’s education in nutritional therapy, herbalism, and astrology to lean on.

I also am connected to the remarkable healing community that we have here in Charlottesville Virginia. I personally know many of the practitioners in the area and they also know someone who knows someone. This is an advantage to a progressive small town.

Below are links to various posts. They cover the hows and whys and whatevers. I hope they are helpful for you. I am not asking that you believe in all the things I believe in. For instance, working with past lives may be a little over the edge for some of you.

If they can help you look at your situation in a different and more positive way then great. If they just amuse you than that is fine also.

Some have called surgery “Controlled Trauma.” So why would someone elect to do such a thing? I mean they use knives, saws, hammers, and staples.


I found that by looking at my goals in life and, realistically, at where I am at right now, I came to a solid decision. Stating my goals and reasons for the surgery are helped me get clear that this is a positive choice.

History of My Knee

A history of the traumas and experiences with my knee that got me to the place I am now. I feel this reviewing is important so that one can process the history of one’s life story.


Prep Work

Getting myself in the best shape before the surgery.

Getting Closer

Setting up a plan so I won’t forget things and have my resources ready.

Day by Day