Acupuncture before surgery

Working with my acupuncturist, Cali Gaston, before surgery, she came up with this rationale:

I am holding an intention to have Scott’s Qi moving smoothly, and in fully.  I’ve been choosing points that help bring the Qi out of the corners and into the flow, and using plenty of moxa to help nurture is Qi.  There has been a nice response in his pulses to these treatments, and I will carry on supporting his wise body/being as he approaches his surgery.
Cali Gaston
Great Bell Acupuncture
I also worked for an intense period with Janny Li at the M Clinic. I found that she could reduce the pain considerably but the instability that caused my gait change was unaffected. I think the cartilage was too far gone to be able to regenerate itself. Probably the same for stem cell replacement therapy. I was about five years too late too get started with it. Also since it was post traumatic, I think I will do better with a total reconstruction.

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